Bob was in the first class of attorneys to be awarded that distinction.  Out of approximately 41,000 licensed lawyers in NJ, less than 30 have attained this certification. That distinction demonstrates Bob's commitment to the municipal court practice - and his committment to YOU and the law!


Although Bob handles many municipal court matters, he has handled many areas of the law in his 32 + years in practice.  Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Divorce/Family Law, Wills, Real Estate, etc., his practice is a "general practice" and will be able to help you through any legal problem or issue that you may be facing. 


Bob is always happy and willing to refer a client to another attorney or another law office when a specialized area of the law is required.  He has a network of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable attorneys that he utilizes to ensure his client's get the best legal representation possible.


Bob is licensed to practice law in all courts in the State of New Jersey and all Federal Courts up to and including the Supreme Court of the United States of America.  The ceremony to be admitted to practice law before the Supreme Court of the United States was held at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. and the Honorable Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts presided over the ceremony.


Some of Bob's notable achievements/work include:


Being Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Municipal Court Trial Attorney;


Being the Founder of the New Jersey State Municipal Prosecutors’ Association (“NJSMPA”) and becoming that organization’s first President;


Being Certified by the NJSMPA as a Municipal Court Prosecutor;


Being Founding Member of the Atlantic County Municipal Defense Attorneys’ Association (“ACMDAA”);


Being a Senior Instructor in Municipal Court Law for Garden State CLE, a leading continuing legal education company in the State of New Jersey; and


Having been qualified as an expert in municipal court in the area of municipal court law.


Bob's past municipal appointments include:


Solicitor, City of Egg Harbor City, Atlantic County


Solicitor, City of Estell Manor, Atlantic County;


Prosecutor, Hamilton Township, Atlantic County;


Prosecutor, Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County;


Prosecutor, Town of Hammonton, Atlantic County;


Prosecutor, City of Estell Manor, Atlantic County;


Prosecutor, Township of Mullica, Atlantic County;


Public Defender, Town of Hammonton, Atlantic County;


Public Defender, Township of Mullica, Atlantic County;


Public Defender, Township of Mansfield, Burlington County;


Public Defender, Township of Tabernacle, Burlington County;


Bob's Professional Licenses include:


Attorney-At-Law, State of New Jersey  


Attorney-At-Law, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  


United States District Court, District of New Jersey


Attorney-At-Law, State of Maine                              


United States Supreme Court                                   


Attorney-At-Law, State of West Virginia       


Bob's legal philosophy, honed from years of experience and handling of tens of thousands of municipal court matters is that many cases will benefit by going to trial and requiring the State to prove all elements of each case beyond a reasonable doubt. He has seen the State make mistakes, too numerous to list here, but have seen law enforcement officers fail to appear because of retirements, suspensions, work assignments out of the area, not being subpoenaed properly, deployed for the military and many other reasons.  Additionally, the State often fails to provide the required discovery which impacts on the State's ability to convict you. However, many of these “mistakes” made by the State only surface once a matter goes to trial.  And thus, when the best option for you is to go to trial, Bob will take your case to trial and use his knowledge and experience to fight for you and your rights.


And the Courtroom is where Bob's experience, knowledge, and abilities shine! The Rules of Court, the Rules of Evidence, and other technical, legal issues are used by him to represent and defend his clients zealously and in accordance with the highest of legal ethical standards.


Bob is always available to discuss your case and your concerns.



Certified Municipal Court Trial Attorney